The 1st Amendment
Needs a New Team

In the 1970s, lawyers protected Free Speech.

Back then, regulation and legal precedent reigned in government infringement.

Now engineers, designers, and independent media lead the charge.

The building blocks of free speech on the Internet already exist. We need free, open, user-friendly solutions to drive widespread adoption.

What is NoPlatform Studio?

Free Speech, Implemented

NoPlatform Studio enables Americans to defeat corporate censorship. Our tools are available at no cost with open licensing to ensure durable internet freedom. Support us by voluntarily purchasing products or services.

Supporters Provide the Platform

Supporters allocate resources to serve content for only the publishers they support. The platform grows with the audience.

Cryptographic Identity

NoPlatform Studio software cryptographically signs content to verify that the media has not been altered.

Free Content Anywhere

With NoPlatform Studio, publishers can easily integrate verifiable peer to peer content into their own sites.

Independent Revenue

NoPlatform Studio maintains reference implementations including payment processing and video header bidding.

From Freedom to Censorship
and Back



"Pretty Good Privacy" delivers privacy, cryptographic identity, and content validation.
Adopted as open standard in 1996.


Peer to peer content delivery renders censorship impractical.
P2P traffic dominates within 5 years.


Facebook launches to create a more open and connected world.


Twitter gives everyone the power to create and share ideas.

Consolidation of Power

Massive platforms dominate content, digital identity, traffic, and revenue.


Failed Clinton campaign scapegoats Russia, "Deplorables", and "Nazis".

Socials Backtrack

Facebook and Twitter reconsider their role in spreading political messages.


Internet companies censor and deplatform publishers with unpopular opinions.

Freedom or Control:
Choose One

We must implement freedom to render the authoritarian approach we see in China and Silicon Valley unworkable.

Fight For Freedom

Reach out to assist NoPlatform Studio with
  • marketing & promotion,
  • software engineering,
  • publisher support & outreach,
  • and funding;
  • or to become a NoPlatform Publisher!


$10 One Time Contribution

Welcome aboard!
Join your fellow Americans supporting our most fundamental freedom!
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$50 One Time Contribution

Make a statement!
For those with the means, significant contributions help ensure continued development.
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$1,000 One Time Contribution

Enable others!
Large contributions enable us to reach out to independant voices with assistance.
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$10 Monthly Subscription

Stay the course.
Steady revenue over time enables ongoing maintenance and promotion of our software.
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$50 Monthly Subscription

Greater committed budget means a more ambitious roadmap and faster progress.
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$100 Monthly Subscription

Get aggressive!
Freedom, in the hands of a committed populace, is an unstoppable force.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The publisher maintains a primary seed and encourages followers to support the content by running an application in the background that serves all of the publisher's content.
With a few thousand supporters, the publisher has a very powerful distribution platform at almost no cost.
The technology is available to anyone who wants to use it. From a practical perspective, it will only be useful and valuable to those who have gathered a substantial following.
The content can be embedded in a website, shared as links, circulated in email, or downloaded and viewed locally.
NoPlatform Studio will maintain reference implementations, provide documentation, and assist worthy publishers directly.
For publishers that already maintain content on video platforms or social media sites, distribution of that same content via NoPlatform Studio can be automated. For those who have been deplatformed or are just getting started, content can be published directly from home or office with NoPlatform Studio.
NoPlatform Studio will not assist extremists, but also has no means of preventing them from using the technology.
The NoPlatform technology is only useful if many people are willing to openly support a publisher. It is our hope, and our expectation, that extreme ideas will find little support with NoPlatform Studio, just as they find little support in the real world.
NoPlatform Studio welcomes participation from anyone willing to embrace freedom. We need help in the form of engineering, graphic design, marketing, promotion, and funding.
Fill out the contact form to secure Freedom of Speech on the internet today!
Freedom first.
In time, NoPlatform Studio will enable compelling ideas to create their own distribution platform. This, in turn, will enable a wide variety of business models that are built on the ability to reach massive audiences and engage them. Reaching and engaging audiences has been the core of all broadcast businesses and the internet itself.
The business models will emerge in due course.